Menards Vs. Woodplay Playsets



Menards backyard playsets are a popular choice for families needing Minnesota playground equipment, offering several customizable playhouses, metal swing sets, and slide options. Customers can purchase the materials they need to build Menards backyard playsets on their own, or they can select factory-built structures.

Menards Playset Materials:

  • Precut, sanded lumber
  • Welded link rubber dipped chain
  • 100% pure HDPE slides and climbers
  • Soft, pliable, grip seats for swings
  • Durable solid molded components

Menards Playset Size Options

Menards provides a range of size options to suit both small and large outdoor spaces, ensuring a captivating play experience. Minnesota playground equipment models are available in different dimensions, spanning from 106 square feet to over 546 square feet.

Menards Playset Accessories

Menards backyard playsets include a range of unique add-ons to enhance outdoor playtime, including slides, Minnesota swing sets, unique treehouse structures, and jungle gyms.

Menards Safety Features:

  • Dual fastening swing hangers
  • 50%+ wider swing spacing
  • Patented third leg for stability
  • Safe play patterns and traffic to avoid accidents
  • Sturdy 4" x 6" beams and 4" x 4" posts
  • Gripping rocks along rock walls
  • Protective guardrails on openings

Woodplay Features

Woodplay playsets are well-known for their top-quality wooden construction and versatile features, making them a standout choice for families seeking safe and enjoyable outdoor play options.

Woodplay Playset Materials:

  • Premium, splinter-free, decay-resistant cedar wood
  • Recessed steel hardware
  • Robust, galvanized support beams
  • UV-resistant polymer accessories

Woodplay Playset Size Options

Woodplay offers a wide range of playground equipment Minnesota in various sizes and configurations, allowing families to choose the perfect fit for their space and preferences.

Woodplay Playset Accessories

With several desirable add-on options, including swing sets MN, slides, climbing walls, and imaginative playhouses, Woodplay playsets encourage physical activity and creative exploration.

Woodplay Playset Safety Features

Attention to safety is evident in features such as ladder rungs, non-skid coatings throughout, and sturdy support beams in Woodplay playsets. With customizable options, such as different wood types, stain colors, and accessories, Crown of Minnesota enables families to create a personalized structure that lasts for years.


vs. Woodplay

Menards and Woodplay provide exceptional options for outdoor playground equipment, but they offer specific features and characteristics that align with different preferences and needs. Here's a comparison of the two:

Menards Playsets:

  • Customers can purchase supplies and materials individually and build their playsets on their own
  • Available in various sizes and configurations, suitable for different yard spaces.
  • Designed with several safety features
  • Offers unique accessory options for endless outdoor possibilities
  • Emphasize physical fitness, social interaction, and imaginative play

Woodplay Playsets:

  • Woodplay playsets consistently provide top-quality wooden construction and durability
  • Industry-certified, pest-resistant lumber ensures long-lasting use
  • Various sizes and structure configurations are available
  • Offer a wide range of activities, from swing sets MN, tunnels, jungle gyms, and playhouses
  • Customizable options include different wood types, stain colors, and accessories to create a personalized playset

Crown of Minnesota: The Preferred Choice for Customer Experience and MN Playset Quality

Crafted from industry-certified materials and engineered for lasting endurance, Woodplay's playground equipment offers unmatched quality and durability. Families can personalize their outdoor structures with premier customization options and additional features, ensuring a timeless investment. Explore our inventory of Woodplay playsets today to see how Crown of Minnesota can support you in your upcoming outdoor project.

What Customers Are Saying

Grant Vaith

"Amazing! Installation was great! Quality materials! Kids love it! Highly recommend”

Caitlyn Winters

“We just got a Woodplay playground installed this summer. My kids absolutely love it! The quality is top notch and the installation was smooth and easy. The employees were incredibly helpful throughout the entire process. Highly recommend this company!”

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to have a swing set put together?

Professional installation for a new swing set generally falls within the $150 to $500 range. Crown of Minnesota furthers our commitment to providing quality customer service with initial installation services included with your purchase of a Woodplay playset or other playground equipment product.

However, other competitors may charge additional costs in certain situations. For instance, if the swing set is a custom piece, the ground requires leveling or a soft surface is necessary for safety, you may notice higher installation charges. It's essential to consider these factors when budgeting for the overall cost of your swing set project, ensuring a safe and well-installed play area for your children.

Can you relocate a swing set?

Swing sets are relocatable with some manual disassembly. Although the process is not overly complicated, it can be overwhelming, especially if you lack experience in such work.

Crown of Minnesota provides convenient playset moving services to simplify your next move or prepare for the winter season. Our professional assistance ensures a hassle-free experience, allowing you to confidently dismantle and relocate your swing set without the stress or complexity that might accompany the process. Trust Crown of Minnesota for a seamless transition and continued enjoyment of your playset.

How do you winterize a wooden playset?

You can protect your wooden playset from damage caused by harsh winter weather by following these preventative measures:

  • Thoroughly clean your playset of any dirt, dust, or debris.
  • Remove/disassemble plastic parts.
  • Check that all moving parts are in good condition.
  • Apply stain or sealant for extra protection.

How long do cedar playsets last?

Cedar wood requires routine cleaning and treatment to ensure its longevity, lasting between 20 to 30 years with proper care and attention.