Playground One Vs. Woodplay Playsets

Playground One


Playground One playsets are renowned for their exceptional quality, innovative design, and plentiful features that ensure hours of active and imaginative play for children.

Playground One Playset Materials:

  • Oxidized, hot-dipped, galvanized hardware
  • Pacific cedar planks
  • Reinforced chain link
  • Corrosion-free fasteners

Size Options

Playground One playsets come in various sizes and configurations to suit different spaces and needs, from compact sets for smaller yards to elaborate structures with slides, swing sets MN, climbing walls, and more.

Equipment Accessories

With an array of accessories, such as trapeze bars, picnic tables, and canopies, these playsets provide endless entertainment possibilities, fostering physical fitness, social interaction, and imaginative play for children of all ages.

Safety Features

These playsets are built to the highest safety standards, offering parents peace of mind while their kids explore the world of outdoor play. Playground One’s safety features include pinch-free safety swings, recessed nuts and bolts, and double-wall safety slides.

Woodplay Features

Woodplay playsets are well-known for their top-quality wooden construction and versatile features, making them a standout choice for families seeking safe and enjoyable outdoor play options.

Woodplay Playset Materials:

  • Premium, splinter-free, decay-resistant cedar wood
  • Recessed steel hardware
  • Robust, galvanized support beams
  • UV-resistant polymer accessories

Size Options

Woodplay offers a wide range of playground equipment Minnesota in various sizes and configurations, allowing families to choose the perfect fit for their space and preferences.

Woodplay Playset Accessories

With several desirable add-on options, including swing sets MN, slides, climbing walls, and imaginative playhouses, Woodplay playsets encourage physical activity and creative exploration.

Safety Features

Attention to safety is evident in features such as ladder rungs, non-skid coatings throughout, and sturdy support beams in Woodplay playsets. With customizable options, such as different wood types, stain colors, and accessories, Crown of Minnesota enables families to create a personalized structure that lasts for years.

Playground One

vs. Woodplay

When comparing Playground One and Woodplay playsets, both brands provide exceptional options, but they have distinct features and characteristics that cater to different preferences and needs. Here's a comparison of the two:

Playground One Playsets:

  • Renowned for their innovative design and high safety standards.
  • Available in various sizes and configurations, suitable for different yard spaces.
  • Incorporate eco-friendly materials for durability and sustainability.
  • Offer a variety of accessories for endless outdoor possibilities.
  • Emphasize physical fitness, social interaction, and imaginative play.

Woodplay Playsets:

  • Woodplay playsets consistently provide top-quality wooden construction and durability.
  • Certified, pest-resistant lumber ensures long-lasting use.
  • Various sizes and structure configurations are available
  • Offer a wide range of activities, from swing sets MN, tunnels, monkey bars, and playhouses.
  • Customizable options include different wood types, stain colors, and accessories to create a personalized playset.

Shop Woodplay Playsets at Crown of Minnesota

To unleash endless fun and create cherished memories for your family, look no further than Woodplay playsets. Crafted from industry-certified materials and built to last, Woodplay playsets offer unmatched quality, durability, and customization options. Explore our collection of Woodplay playsets today to learn how we can help you embark on a new outdoor adventure.

What Customers Are Saying


“My kids love their new Woodplay playset from Crown of Minnesota. Such a well built product it withstood the incredible winds brought on by Hurricane Ian. Highly recommend this product. Thank you to Crown of Minnesota and the entire team.”

Diana Wells

“We’ve had our new set up a few weeks and could not be happier with both the amazing quality of the set and the excellent customer service experience. Our 4 and 5 year old had the best time helping us shop for the set in the awesome showroom, and the staff was very knowledgeable and helpful in helping us create what would be best for us. Woodplay even helped facilitate getting the set installed while we were out of town which made for a very exciting surprise for the kids! They’ve logged many hours in the last few weeks, and we can’t wait to see all the fun in store as they continue to grow into this awesome playset”

Katie Smith

“This is the most amazing swingset around! Woodplay has amazing customer service and staff too that are willing to help make your playset perfect! My kids absolutely love it, we can't say enough great things about the company!”

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do wooden swing sets last?

With routine maintenance and upkeep, wooden swing sets have an average lifespan of 20 years.

When is the best time to buy a swing set?

Late summer/early fall are the best times to purchase and install a swing set. Along with ensuring year-round outdoor play for your children, choosing this time of year ensures that frigid temperatures do not interfere with your swing set’s installation process.

How do you winterize a wooden playset?

You can protect your wooden playset from damage caused by harsh winter weather by following these preventative measures:

  • Thoroughly clean your playset of any dirt, dust, or debris.
  • Remove/disassemble plastic parts.
  • Check that all moving parts are in good condition.
  • Apply stain or sealant for extra protection.

How long do cedar playsets last?

Cedar wood requires routine cleaning and treatment to ensure its longevity, lasting between 20 to 30 years with proper care and attention.