Rainbow Play Systems Vs. Woodplay Playsets

Rainbow Play Systems


Rainbow Play Systems offers a variety of playset models with different sizes and configurations to accommodate yard size and play preferences. The Minnesota playground equipment company is known for its commitment to safety and quality, using durable materials and construction techniques to produce its playsets.

Rainbow Play Systems Materials:

  • Recessed hardware
  • Notched wooden brackets
  • Safety handles pre-treated with zinc
  • Heavy-duty polypropylene rope
  • Heavy-duty swing beams
  • Ductile iron swing hangers
  • 100% cedar lumber

Rainbow Play Systems Size Options

Rainbow Play Systems offers several size options, accommodating compact yards and expansive play areas while providing an engaging outdoor play experience. Their Minnesota playground equipment models are available in varying dimensions, ranging from 20 square feet to over 700 square feet.

Rainbow Play Systems Accessories

Rainbow Play Systems include a range of add-ons, including slides, Minnesota swing sets, rubber mulch varieties, and climbing features.

Rainbow Play Systems Safety Features:

  • Large beam construction with strategic notching
  • Recessed, safety-capped hardware
  • Dual bolts
  • Vertical spindle safety rails
  • Rubber mulch options
  • Powder-coated safety handles

Woodplay Features

Woodplay playsets are well-known for their high-quality wooden craftsmanship and versatile customization options, making them ideal for families needing a secure outdoor playset structure with exciting features.

Woodplay Playset Materials:

  • Splinter-free, decay-resistant cedar wood
  • Recessed steel hardware
  • Sturdy, galvanized support beams
  • UV-resistant polymer accessories

Woodplay Playset Size Options

Woodplay playsets offer a diverse range of Minnesota playground equipment in various sizes and configurations, giving families flexible choices to fit their space and preferences.

Woodplay Playset Accessories

Woodplay Playsets include ample accessory options, including Minnesota swing sets, slides, climbing walls, and imaginative playhouses. These additions encourage physical activity while fostering creative exploration for children.

Woodplay Playset Safety Features:

  • Stable ladder rungs
  • Non-skid surface coatings
  • Rust-resistant, commercial-grade hardware
  • No harmful chemicals
  • Construction-grade timber
  • Recessed, safety-capped nails, railings, and planks

Rainbow Play Systems

vs. Woodplay

When considering Rainbow playsets vs. Woodplay playsets, families have excellent selections for both Minnesota playground equipment providers. Each provider exhibits unique features and characteristics tailored to personal preferences and property requirements. Here’s a comparison of the two:

Rainbow Play Systems:

  • Primarily utilizes cedar wood with a natural finish
  • Offers variable playset dimensions with customizable features
  • Emphasizes high safety standards and careful attention to detail
  • Includes a range of accessories, including slides, swings, and climbing features
  • Features optional rubber mulch varieties with different color selections

Woodplay Playsets:

  • Woodplay playsets consistently deliver superior wooden construction
  • Utilizes certified lumber that is resistant to pests and decay
  • Provides multiple size options and structural configurations
  • Offers diverse activity options, including Minnesota swing sets, tunnels, monkey bars, and playhouses
  • Features customizable wood types, stain colors, and accessories

Woodplay: Superior Play That Won't Shy Away

Constructed from industry-certified materials and designed for longevity, Woodplay’s playground equipment provides unparalleled quality and durability. With several customization options and add-on features, families can craft a personalized outdoor structure that stands the test of time. Discover our collection of Woodplay playsets today to learn how Crown of Minnesota can assist you in your next outdoor project.

What Customers Are Saying

Samantha McCarthy

“We are so incredibly thrilled with our new play set from Woodplay of the Carolinas. Our sales rep was phenomenal with communication and accommodating the special circumstances surrounding our project. The installation was flawless and the end result is definitely a worthwhile investment that our three kids will enjoy for years to come!”

Shannon Phipps

“Superb! The people here are the very best. Friendly, professional, and talented. They built us a playset that continues to make lifetime core memories for our children and grandchildren. Thank you so much for the excellence before, during, and after the sale. Well done!”

Dave Kirschenmann

“These guys are the greatest people to work with! We have had our set for just over a year now, and I can tell you the best quality hardware, coupled with the best service makes for a wonderful experience. We recently hired them to stain our set because we ran out of time in the year to get it done, and concluded we will be hiring them to do it from here on out. The guys they have performing the work are exceptional, and do an outstanding job. I recommend Crown whenever the topic of a play-set enters conversation.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Are wooden swing sets worth it?

When cared for properly, quality wooden swing sets are well worth the investment. Woodplay swingsets are made from insect-resistant cedar wood. Crown of Minnesota offers playset staining services to keep your Woodplay playset looking as good as new.

What kind of wood does Rainbow Play Systems use?

Rainbow Play Systems exclusively uses Cunninghamia lanceolata for their playsets, a specific type of cedar. This particular cedar is grown and harvested in China and stands out among other species. Notably, it demonstrates exceptional durability in various outdoor applications.

Does a playset increase home value?

A playset can significantly enhance the appeal and value of your home, especially for prospective buyers. Young families with growing children, among the most common house hunters, find the presence of a Woodplay playset in your backyard an attractive feature that enhances the deal.