Outback 6 Package B

Outback 6 Package B


About the Product

Encourage your child's boundless imagination and provide them with endless adventure opportunities with the Outback™ Series swingset! Designed to foster outdoor exploration and enhance the aesthetics of your backyard, the Outback 6' deck height model is an excellent choice.

This playset incorporates original Woodplay® angled ladders and a unique base design that expands the play area beneath the deck. It's engineered for enhanced stability, making it perfect for yards with uneven or sloping terrain, large families, or gatherings of friends. With a diverse range of climbing and swinging features, including monkey bars, this wooden swing set offers a multitude of activities to keep children happily engaged for hours.

Crown of Minnesota prioritizes safety, ensuring that every Woodplay playset surpasses industry safety standards. These playsets come with a lifetime warranty and feature triple joint construction for exceptional durability. Additionally, they boast larger beams and are equipped with galvanized, recessed hardware. The cedar lumber used in Woodplay playsets is naturally resistant to decay and insects, all without the need for harsh chemicals.

Make every day a great day for your child with Woodplay playsets, available at Crown of Minnesota.