Outback XL 7 Package A

Outback XL 7 Package A


About the Product

Embark on endless adventures with The Outback™ Series playset, an open invitation to adventure in any backyard. This Outback XL 7' deck height Combo showcases the original Woodplay® angled ladders and base design, ingeniously creating a larger play area beneath the deck. This not only enhances stability but also makes the Outback XL 7' Deck Combo an ideal choice for uneven or sloping yards, accommodating a multitude of energetic children.

This wooden swing set is packed with a variety of climbing and swinging features, ensuring maximum fun for your little ones. At Crown of Minnesota, we go the extra mile to ensure that every Woodplay playset surpasses industry safety standards. Each swing set is backed by a lifetime warranty, features triple joint construction, incorporates robust beams, and utilizes galvanized, recessed hardware, all contributing to its exceptional durability. What's more, the cedar lumber used is naturally resistant to decay and insects, all without the need for harsh chemicals.

Encourage your child's imagination and fan the flames of their creativity year after year with Woodplay, available at Crown of Minnesota.