Playhouse Space Saver 1

Playhouse Space Saver 1


About the Product

Unlock a world of creativity within a compact structure! Space Saver swing sets from Woodplay perfectly blend convenience, safety, and fun. Don't be misled by their size; there's ample room for play, and like all Woodplay playsets, Space Saver sets are designed to accommodate kids of all sizes. They're brimming with excitement, allowing children to slide, climb, and swing all within the confines of your backyard.

The playset's dimensions measure 12' 9" long, 17' 8" wide, and 12' 3" high, offering a wealth of activities even in smaller backyards. From picturesque playhouses to double-deck swing sets, there's something for everyone.

At Crown of Minnesota, we guarantee that every Woodplay playset surpasses industry safety standards. Each swing set comes with a lifetime warranty, features triple joint construction, sturdy beams, and galvanized, recessed hardware for unparalleled durability.

Woodplay playsets offer versatility for children of all ages, as swing accessories are interchangeable and easily swapped out as your child grows. This playset includes a baby swing but can be upgraded in the future to include a belt swing. Woodplay's cedar lumber is naturally resistant to decay and insects, without the need for harsh chemicals. Ignite your child's imagination and nurture their creativity year after year with Woodplay Playsets, available at Crown of Minnesota.