About The Service

Our trampoline winter maintenance service ensures your beloved trampoline AlleyOOP playset remains in perfect condition throughout the colder months, safeguarding it from the harshest elements. With our specialized trampoline winter maintenance, you can trust that your family's favorite source of fun is protected and ready for action when spring arrives.

Frequently Asked Questions

How involved is the maintenance?

Cedar makes our playsets the most naturally durable and beautiful swing sets available. Because all outdoor wood products require protection, Woodplay applies a specially formulated penetrating, non-toxic stain sealant in our factory to enhance and protect your swing set investment. It is recommended to stain the swing set every 2-3 years.

To clean plastic and vinyl swing set components, simply use warm, soapy water.

We do recommend periodic inspections and tightening of your playset.

What is the difference between Outback and Playhouse?

Kids are wild about the wide open fun of the ANGLED-BASE Outback swingsets. With the most room "down under" the deck, Outback is a natural choice for the energetic play kids love to uncork. Add a Tire Swing, Rock Wall and Chain Ladder for even more action.

The Playhouse playsets are a SQUARE-BASED foundation for boundless imagination. Play-enhancing accessories fit perfectly beneath the classic Playhouse base. These include a built-in sandbox, or a full-size convertible picnic table which doubles as a sandbox cover. The Playhouse stays in your yard, but the creativity it inspires takes children as far as their dreams can carry them.

Why is Woodplay the safest playset?

For your family's well-being, we adhere to proven standards for safety in the design of every playset -- from head to toe, we put safety first. For instance, our ladder rungs are the safest. Non-skid coating enhances safety when rain or dew are present. Attention to every detail makes Woodplay proud to serve on the board of ASTM International, the American Society of Testing and Materials -- a leading standards organization whose guidelines for product materials and testing are recognized globally as an assurance of quality and safety. In this capacity, Woodplay brings leadership to the playset industry that benefits all consumers.

How to get a price on a playset?

Call or email us or visit the showroom! 
Phone: 612-781-6505
Email: sales@crownofminnesota.com
Showroom address: 11923 Portland Ave, Burnsville, MN 55337